Fazzle was a metasearch engine. Ideally, metasearch engines blend the best results from the best engines into one result set so you get the creme de la creme in one search. Sounds good in theory but in today's world information should be more personalized. The biggest metasearch engines today are more meta-ad search engines and in my opinion the Big Three have been big let downs, but there are some big things on the horizon!

To be continued!

[Fazzle! Search]

  Last Update: 2010-10-07 12:20:32 EST
  Life's too short to take yourself too seriously;
  but not so short you shouldn't take life seriously. -Me

  Last Update: 2014-05-23 20:25:32 EST
  Since Google & Yahoo have so ungraciously
  blocked me I have had to remove them from
  the available engines in the list. I am open
  to suggestions for their replacements!

  Last Update: 2016-10-16 15:33:32 CST
  Fixed bugs, cleaned code, added links
  I should have long ago, moved changelist
  to about page and made minor edits.

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Fazzle - Past, Present & Future

Here's my meta-ode to the world of search. We need to realize that there is more to the world of search than Google. I once took Fazzle for a serious run in the meta-search engine market and did rather well. Little did most know I was running Fazzle from my house while standing toe to toe for years with some of the best meta-search engines like InfoSpace's Dogpile.com. I did more with a few hundred thousand than they've done with a few hundred million - with my own money and investments from family and friends who believed in it / me. Fazzle retired due to legal reasons, but will return. If you're interested feel free to read about Fazzle's history. For now, Fazzle will be my playground for new ideas. Nothing radically new at first - but stay tuned!