Local Search Marketing

Building a good website isn't just about writing good content. Thank of your website as a story full of characters, events, plots and subplots. As with any good story, these pieces must be carefully woven together as none can stand on their own.

Every good story has a theme or message. Are you promoting your protagonist? (X is the best Y in Z), composing a message (baseball is the best sport ever), etc..

You can see some of my thoughts on how to build a concept here, if you want to last you want to place the pieces in a way that they support one another. A Gestalt if you will where, to paraphrase Aristotle, "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts". This is also a principal underlined theory of modern systems theory –

I find that content creation is very personal so it’s up to you to define your systemized creative process. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. Write what you write, write it with passion but structure it with a system. Find a process you’re comfortable with. Repeat it while keeping everything above in mind.

  1. Have something meaningful to say and say it in a single well-constructed detailed (2000+ word) article.
  2. Support your article with several closely related topics (600 words) and link them altogether.
  3. Use relevant anchor text in your links when weaving your pages together.
  4. For example, several smaller pages with bios of key historical baseball figures linking to a central page about the history of baseball using variations of the text “the history of baseball” is far better than linking your pages with text like “click here”.
  5. Don’t overuse the same anchor text!
  6. here’s a great MOZ article about linking pages and the use of anchor text. (See how I did that?)

So, you think you got that part? Pretty simple, right? You’re all dressed up – and you have plenty of places to go! Just keep this in mind:

  1. When building links know that Google believes in guilt by association. Birds of a feather flock together and if you associate your website with unsavory elements, it doesn’t matter how well written your content is – all your good work will go to waste.
  2. Building your business, or your career, naturally depends on building a network of diverse contacts. Google carries this lesson into the web. It is not just about business listing citations. Google wants to see natural growth. The more established a business is the more types of businesses it deals with. The same is true for websites so you will need links from blogs, business citations, business services, business-related profile links, video & podcast networks, PR releases, etc.
  3. (You won’t hear that last bit much elsewhere, but it is nonetheless very true – call it my secret sauce)
    1. Local Search Marketing

      A good part of my local SEO Guide is about building citations from quality business directories and business related services. Check out my notes on building local SEO Citations. I included a rather comprehensive Step 1–2–3 list of services and citations you can use to grow your site. Begin at, well, the beginning and by the time you're at the end you should be doing pretty well!

      The next step is usually outreach campaigns which is a total pain in the ass.

      I'm performing a detailed case study of some of my earlier clients. Their websites have been doing extremely well but I noticed they are starting to slip. I decided to try a few different things with each. I'll post a log of what in the result as they occur.

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